The Better Communication Research Programme and what it means for parents...

The Better Communication Research Programme (BCRP) was a 3 year research programme set up by the Government to look at the issues that affected children with speech, language & communication needs. 19 reports were written, each one looked at a different area.














Out of those 19 reports 6 main recommendations have been made:-







1. The people working with children need to be clear in how they describe their speech, language & communication needs especially the words they use


2. That the support for children with speech, language & communication needs is provided at 3 levels – universal, targeted and specialist


3. Schools and other services should ask children, young people and their parents what they think and how their speech, language and communication needs affect  their independence and being included in things


4. That teachers and other professionals have special training to help them support and work with children who have speech, language & communication needs


5. That  every child who has a speech, language & communication need gets the most appropriate service that's available and that parents are included in deciding what services their child receives


6. More research is needed.

Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice 0-25 years

The SEND Code of Practice came into use in September 2014. Information from the BCRP will help you, so you can discuss your child's needs better with teachers and other professionals who are involved with your child. Our page here gives you more information.


The most important areas of the Better Communication Research Programme have been divided into 4 themes: